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Understanding Fibromyalgia
3hr. CE Credit
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Learn the Chollar Method NSBT foot reflex protocol
for the Nervous System Balance TechniqueTM 

Bodyworkers, Reflexologists, Massage Therapists:
Help clients reach a deeper level of relaxation, to induce the healing state of theta brainwaves. Learn to rapidly reduce pain and discomfort with the Nervous System Balance Technique, NSBT Protocol. This is a live 45-minute Skype one-on-one tutorial class providing 7 CE Credit Hours. 

THIS UNIQUE METHOD can be integrated into an existing therapeutic bodywork session such as massage therapy, reflexology, energywork, acupuncture, acupressure and other forms of touch therapy.

CE CREDIT: Transcript of 7 CE hours is included upon completion and submission of a Course Evalution Form Approved for CE Credit by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB Provider POO118)

COST: $159

CLASS FORMAT: Live 45-minute tutorial with video demonstrating the NSBT technique via Skype.
Course material downloads are emailed prior to scheduling the live tutorial. Downloads include 5 pdfs: NSBT Guide, NSBT Maps of Foot Points, Nervous System and anatomical diagrams relating to the NSBT protocol. To experience the tutorial via Skype, create a Skype account. It’s easy and free. You will need your Skype name when setting up a time for your live tutorial.   


Discover how to quickly facilitate the deeply relaxed state of the nervous sytem referred to as the “Relaxation Response” in the book by Dr. Herbert Benson, MD. 

The unique application of the NSBT Method is based on research and the protocol developed by Linda Chollar to help those who suffer from chronic pain. Unresolved musculoskeletal tension, stress, postural and gait compensation patterns as well as pain resulting from all sorts of health conditions can benefit from this technique. 

Actual case study: before/after photo:  Female with a condition that results in excessive contraction and inversion of the toes and foot.

The first photo is before a treatment. The second and third photos show the progression of change occuring after a single treatment using the NSBT protocol.

Download free introductory PDFs: 

NSBT Flyer
Nervous System Diagram: NSBT Foundation.

COST: $159 (Visa/MC)

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