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Reflexology Workshop Success Story: 9 New Clients in 2 hours!

This is what makes my work such a pleasure when I receive a story like this. Mary Ehle from Wisconsin wasted no time getting into action by creating her own class after she attended my tele-class to learn how to create a “Love Your Feet Workshop”.

Without prior marketing experience or teaching a workshop like this, she followed the plan step-by-step. She presented the idea to the hospital where she works and asked for a space to teach the class. They loved the idea and agreed with one stipulation - she could not charge for the workshop. Instead they offered to promote Mary’s class as Wellness Wednesday. Somewhat disappointed, she thought the exposure would surely be worth it, so she agreed. Mary was not prepared for what happened next.

The first day after the hospital ad appeared, Mary had 10 people enrolled. By the second day, the registrations reached 20 people and 12 on a waiting list for a next workshop. To her surprise, someone heard about the class on the radio! She ended up teaching two classes back to back and expects to have an ongoing opportunity to repeat the workshops at the hospital.

The “Love Your Feet” Workshop is a way for professional reflexologists to introduce a group to reflexology and to teach them simple self-help techniques to reduce their pain and stress. In the process, therapists gain new clients and establish credibility and their expertise in their community.

Mary told me, “I used the techniques you taught and everyone had an experience just like you said they would!” The positive experiences of the attendees boosted her confidence in teaching and reaffirmed her passion for reflexology. Young and old attended and exchanged reflexology techniques. One woman with a recent arm injury in discomfort, left singing Mary’s praises because of the relief she experienced. A podiatrist was among the group who was inspired to take professional reflexology training as a result of what she observed in Mary’s class.

“I was so excited I couldn’t sleep after the workshop”, Mary wrote. “I booked 9 new client sessions with more to come! I am so grateful I took your class and I’m thankful to Stoughton Hospital here in Wisconsin for moving forward with me. I am sending an article to the RAA magazine about my experience.” (Watch for Mary’s article in the next issue of Reflexology Across America).

Congratulations Mary for a job well done, touching people’s lives, enjoying the abundance and raising awareness of reflexology’s benefits for all!

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